Červenec 2009

Sexy Hannie

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Od suju-hae-teuk za SB

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Mocík díky^^je strašně moc Kawaii(ten Yunho je na těch fotkách vážně SEXY XĐ )

New SB(suju-hae-teuk)

30. července 2009 v 12:42 | @iko |  SBčka
AhojiQ....je tu další SB...tentokrát patří suju-hae-teuk .Je to úža blogís o SuJu^^
Tady máš diplomek za SB↓↓

PATI PATI Magazine Aug 2009 Issue – Interview with DBSK

28. července 2009 v 8:11 | @iko |  ♥♥♥DBSK♥♥♥
A heartbreaking and lonely farewell portrayed by the amazing harmonization of these 5 people. They've released their new single while having their Arena and Tokyo Dome tour. They also shared their opinion on ideal families with us, and this is worth expecting.

Tohoshinki, who have completed their national tour and performed at the Tokyo Dome for the first time with 2 successful lives, brings their new summer single "Stand by U". This piece of work, from start to finish, leaves its sad melody in the heart of the listeners. You can also call it a continuation piece from "Why did I like you", as it is a song which depicts the steadfast love of a man. This time, the interview was done while their national tour was still on-going and when Junsu's leg injury had just healed, and he could be active on stage again. Of course, besides questions about the new song, we will also reveal things about Junsu, who have managed to retain his innocence until today. This is an issue worth collecting.


Yunho fans bribe media outlets with food

28. července 2009 v 7:54 | @iko |  U-Know Yunho

In celebration of TVXQ Yunho's casting in the upcoming MBC drama, "Heading to the Ground",10 media outlets received visits from 3 members (2 of which were 23 years old and one was 30) of Yunho's fanclub, "With Yunho," yesterday, Korea time. They brought along with them 3 watermelons, cookies, rice cakes and drinks in order to bribe the media to support Yunho.

"Since this is Yunho's first challenge in acting, for this drama, we would like the media to support him in this venture. We want things to go well for Yunho more than anything," they commented.


Miracle for You - Yesung's laugh

25. července 2009 v 16:03 | @iko |  Videa
Sungie ma vazne moc kruty vytlemyXĐse musim tlemit s nim...ono to jinak nejdeXĐ

Super Junior Kissing Card Game Part Two (eng sub)

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Team cislo 2XĐ

Super Junior Kissing Card Game Part One (eng sub)

24. července 2009 v 12:55 | @iko |  Videa
pakaXĐteam cislo 1XĐ

Super Junior Show - Laughing Game

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To je moc!!!XĐnejlip se smeje EunHyukXĐXĐz toho proste nemuzu 100%koukneteXĐ

My Love DongHae^^

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Teukie Cry

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New SBnko

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Ahoj....mam dalsi SBnko.Tento blog patri Ross a je to blog o Super Junior,najdete tam taky Big Bang,NewS,Anime...atd.Je to strasne hezuuu blog...jeden z nejhezcich co jsem kdy videla^^...100%se mrknete:-)

YeSung-starsi photeny

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New Dess

18. července 2009 v 21:30 | @iko |  Ostatní

Cauky lidi...tkze tu mame new desing.Za tento desing bych moc chtela podekovat moji nej kamosce Nanami.A taky mam new ikonku za kterou bych chtela podekova Nan i jeji sestre Kim JaeYong...tkze mocky dekuju holky.Jo a prosim SB aby si ikonku zmenili:-)

By Nanami for me k včerejšímu svátku^^

18. července 2009 v 11:13 | @iko |  Ostatní

Klik pro zvětšení!

Děkuju Nanami-Chan:-)

By Nanami a Schenzai^^

14. července 2009 v 22:56 | @iko |  Od vás

Dekuju mocky holky tyhle diplomy sou upa klasny:-))


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